Fraxtal incentives
Fraxtal point system (FXTL)

Fraxtal Point System (FXTL)

The Fraxtal Point System introduces FXTL, a unique ticker representing points within the Fraxtal ecosystem. It plays a crucial role in rewarding and incentivizing participants in the ecosystem including creating and interacting with smart contracts, utilizing new protocols deployed to the chain, and holding specific types of assets/tokens.

The accumulation of these points is tracked and managed through the main FraxtalPoints contract, which serves as the ledger for all FXTL-related transactions and balances. Users can access and review accrued FXTL points via this contract.

FXTL points will be tokenized no later than 12 months after Fraxtal chain genesis. Whether FXTL points will be tokenized as a separate staking token for the chain (FXTL) or convert to FXS tokens at a specified ratio (or a combination of both) will be revealed in the future.

The FXTL points smart contract is deployed and interactable on Fraxtal mainnet:

ContractAddressChain explorer link
FxtlPoints0xaB4b7c5C9A7C8EbB97877085A6C3550ad4Ed3f97FxtlPoints (opens in a new tab)