About Fraxtal

About Fraxtal

Fraxtal is a modular rollup blockchain (L2) with a "fractal scaling" roadmap. Fraxtal has a number of familiar and novel features:

  1. Fraxtal is an EVM equivalent rollup utilizing the OP stack as its smart contract platform and execution environment. Deploying applications is as fast, secure, and cheap as leading Ethereum rollups like Optimism & Base.
  2. Fraxtal is a modular rollup. It will have multiple components and middleware for other chains and networks to use, connect to, deploy L3s, and build on top of. Currently, Fraxtal uses a separate data availability module developed by the Frax Core Team.
  3. Fraxtal has blockspace incentives (called Flox) that reward users and developers for spending gas and interacting with any smart contract on the network. Every epoch, users who spend gas and developers that deploy contracts where gas is spent earn FXTL points that can later be converted into tokens. For the first time, users are able to earn more rewards than gas they spend and developers can earn more than the gas their dapps use.
  4. The native gas token is Frax Ether (frxETH) issued by Frax Finance.